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While volunteers ensure the day-to-day mission of Samaritan Ministries is done, a small paid staff implements the policies of the volunteer Board of Directors. Each dedicated staff member brings compassion, plus years of experience to their job at Samaritan Ministries.

Sonjia Kurosky, Executive Director - Sonjia joined Samaritan Ministries as Executive Director in September 1993. Sonjia's total of 25 years in human services includes family therapy, substance abuse counseling, education, and administration. All these professional experiences are needed in her role at Samaritan Ministries. Sonjia says she enjoys that diversity and complexity in her daily work.
Another enjoyable aspect of her job is the variety of tasks involved in her job, namely educating the community about hunger and homelessness, plus the day-to-day contact with the wonderful people who both need and support our Ministry.
Sonjia says the biggest lesson Samaritan has taught her is "God loves each and every one of us - equally". She says that hunger and homelessness is on the increase in Winston-Salem, and God is calling us as a community to meet the need.
Sonjia possesses a unique talent on the Samaritan Staff - she plays the accordion! She's been known to entertain the guests, staff and volunteers with her musical abilities.

Cathie Dorgan, Soup Kitchen Manager - One thing our new volunteers are amazed about is how delicious and nutritious Samaritan Soup Kitchen meals are. For that, you can thank Soup Kitchen Manager Cathie Dorgan. Cathie joined Samaritan in 1998. She puts together the menu lists for all 21 meals served at the Soup Kitchen each week. Cathie also makes sure the volunteers in the Soup Kitchen have all the tools and items needed to serve our guests.
Cathie brings more than 20 years' experience in food service to the ministry. She says her job is a daily challenge with a rewarding outcome. One of the bigger challenges is serving all the food that comes into the kitchen, since many types of food may arrive at our door on any given day. Thanks to her leadership and expertise, the Soup Kitchen served more than 120,000 meals in 2001!
Cathie recently remarried and has three grown children, plus Jasmine, her young granddaughter. Cathie's latest hobby is renovating the house she and her husband Dick recently purchased.

Willis Miller, Shelter Manager - With nearly 30 years' experience in Human Services and Substance Abuse Counseling, Willis Miller brings a lifetime commitment to people to the Samaritan Inn. Willis became Shelter Manager five years ago.
Willis came to Samaritan with a desire to work with homeless people, using his expertise to help men overcome to barriers to permanent housing. Willis says he enjoys working with the volunteers, guests and staff at Samaritan Ministries most of all.
Willis says that every time he comes to Samaritan, he gets to witness God working in the lives of people. He says the biggest lesson the ministry taught him is "God lives in our life, and we are our brother's keeper".
Willis brings a hearty laugh and a wonderful sense of humor to work with him each day. Things are seldom dull when Willis is working.

Janice Doherty, Supportive Services Counselor - Janice joined Samaritan Ministries as a part time Staff Counselor in 1993. When Project Cornerstone started in 1995, Janice assumed the position of Supportive Services Counselor. With nearly 35 years' experience as a human services and substance abuse counselor, she possesses top-flight experience in helping the men in Project Cornerstone struggle to overcome the disease of addiction.
Janice says the thing she likes most about her job is seeing a breakthrough. When men enter Project Cornerstone, they are blinded by their addiction, as well as a feeling of rejection, loneliness, failure and pain. Each day, Project Cornerstone challenges the men's commitment to change, and Janice's job is to show the men new ways of listening and learning.
That learning process is often very slow and very difficult, and Janice credits God for leading the process of healing in our homeless guests. Her patient, skilled leadership has made Project Cornerstone a model recovery program for homeless people.
Janice and her husband Ed enjoy camping, and Janice is happiest when a fishing rod is attached to her hand.

Tyrone Baldwin, Maintenance Supervisor/Staff Counselor - Tyrone joined the Samaritan staff in 1996. He originally came to Samaritan through the Project Cornerstone program. After completing Project Cornerstone, Tyrone says God opened the next chapter in his life - working at Samaritan and sharing his story of recovery and success.
In addition to maintaining the building, Tyrone works in the Samaritan Inn as a part time Staff Counselor. He says working with the guests at the Samaritan Inn is his favorite part of the job, since he can "help them come into recovery, if they want to." His story gives inspiration and hope to people calling on the ministry. He says, "Samaritan is very blessed, and that makes me blessed".
Samaritan taught Tyrone Truth, and to believe in God. He faithfully attends Church, having given his life to Jesus.

Steve Stover, Staff Counselor - Steve came to the ministry in 1990 as a Shelter Counselor. Steve supervises the volunteer teams at Samaritan Inn, while helping our homeless guests get their needs met.
Steve came to Samaritan wishing to express God's love to people in need. He feels that in helping homeless people experience the fullness of God's love, he receives a blessing. He says the best thing about his job is witnessing people coming to understand the depth and extent of God's love, despite their circumstances.
Steve says Samaritan Ministries has taught him that life is very fragile, and that in working with the hungry and homeless, things don't always turn out the way he would like for them to. But he tries to remain faithful no matter what.
Steve and his wife Glenda have an adorable son named Steven. Steve enjoys playing and watching all types of sports.

Donnie Scott, Staff Counselor - Donnie Scott joined Samaritan in 1998 as a Staff Counselor. He supervises the volunteer teams at Samaritan Inn, while helping our homeless guests get their needs met. Donnie holds nearly 12 years' experience in the field of substance abuse and homeless issues.
Part of Donnie's background and experience came as a homeless person many years ago. He knew of Samaritan's excellent reputation in the community. Donnie's past experiences bring hope to the men currently residing in the Samaritan Inn.
Donnie enjoys seeing homeless men gain inspiration and hope as they put their lives back together at Samaritan Ministries. He says each of us should "never say it will never happen to me."
Donnie enjoys weightlifting and reading in his spare time. He also keeps the rest of the staff laughing with his quick sense of humor.

Barbara Jones, Soup Kitchen Worker The Samaritan Soup Kitchen never closes, thanks to the efforts of people like Barbara Jones. Barbara serves as a weekend Soup Kitchen worker at Samaritan. She joined the staff in 2001. Barbara supervises the weekend Soup Kitchen teams. She says she enjoys meeting and serving the guests most of all in her job. She joined Samaritan because she enjoys serving people, and loves seeing the smiles on the guests faces. She says the ministry has taught her to be more disciplined.

Audrey Newsome, Office Manager - Audrey joined Samaritan Ministries as the Office Manager in 2001. Audrey handles the accounting, administrative and technology needs of the ministry.
Audrey came to Samaritan because she felt like it was a good fit for her. She enjoys the pace at Samaritan, and says it's never dull. Audrey enjoys problem solving and the variety of work she is asked to do.
Audrey says Samaritan has taught her that all people have potential regardless of their past. She loves the fact that the ministry doesn't judge people, it teaches people new ways of living.
When she isn't balancing the books, Audrey enjoys spending time with her family, and playing with her pets, including Lucky, her three-legged dog.

Jeff Hardin, Development Director
- Jeff joined Samaritan Ministries as Development Director in 2001. He oversees the fundraising programs of the ministry, including the Penny Campaign. A newcomer to the fundraising field, Jeff joined Samaritan from WXII-TV, where he served as a staff meteorologist for more than three years.
Jeff's favorite part of the job is speaking to people about the wonderful guests and volunteers that come to the ministry each day. Each day, Jeff says he is reminded how generous people in our community are.
Jeff has learned a lot in his short stint at the ministry. He says the biggest lesson that Samaritan has taught him is, "God works through all people and in all situations".
When he's not asking people for money, Jeff enjoys hiking, mountain biking, gardening and travel.

Janice Calhoun, Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator - Janice Calhoun joined Samaritan Ministries in 2002 as the Administrative Assistant, with the primary responsibility of scheduling volunteers. Janice holds more than 35 years' experience in the administrative support field.
Janice came to Samaritan because she wanted to be part of an organization that has a meaningful purpose in the community. She enjoys working with the volunteers and Samaritan staff the most, remarking, "everyone has a good attitude and commitment to the ministry."
When she isn't answering the phone or helping a volunteer, Janice and her husband John enjoy landscaping around their home. Janice also loves to surf the Internet.


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